The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine #1) by James Dashner


I received a copy free from the publishers via NetGalley

“Your demons are always with you,” Skale answered. His voice seemed even raspier than the day before. “Don’t you understand that by now? Always with you, impossible to escape. But you never can guess how they might manifest themselves.”

The Eye of Minds starts with Michael trying to save a girl in order to gain points on a game. He is in VirtNet. A place which technology advancements has made possible. Where people can go without fear of death doing extreme things or they can just hang out with VirtNet friends. It is basically one big game. However, Kaine has created a new level of cyber terrorism. He is keeping people hostage in these games. Michael and his friends have been put on a mission to find Kaine.

I was sadly disappointed with this. I really loved his Maze Runner series. So, when I heard about a new book I was eager to get myself a copy and I was ecstatic when I got accepted for this on NetGalley and I could not wait to read it. Unfortunately it was not as good as I expected, but I did still enjoy it. I liked all the characters – except Michael. I liked them, but I didn’t really connect with them, they felt a little bit flat to me. That’s probably because we got no background information on any of them, and we didn’t really get any personal scenes, just action scenes and the characters just didn’t really interact with each other that well. So hopefully in the next books, Dashner will delve into their past and friendship a little bit more because I have a feeling I would have liked it better if he did it in this book.

I liked the world Dashner created. The idea of one big game. It was original and exciting. There was a lot of action, sometimes a bit too much and I got a little bored with it. The plot was good, I really liked the little clues it dropped about here and there and the nice revelation it had at the end. I must admit, I was really surprised by the plot twist, and I really did not see it coming at all. I didn’t really get much of a sense at how bad Kaine was though. I really do want to see more of him.

The Eye of Minds had a very complex world and Dashner focused a lot on that and that was great, but I think he could have focused on his characters and their development a little bit more. However, if you liked his Maze Runner series, or just dystopian’s in general then I do suggest you give this a read. Just don’t go into it with too high expectations because you will be a little bit disappointed. It does make for a nice quick read though.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆


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