The Seers (The Holders #2) by Julianna Scott


I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

The Seers takes place after the events of The Holders. Becca was nearly drained of her ability by a man she and her father trusted. They were left with one clue which may help them to discover why they were betrayed. The clue was Ciaran Shea. The group make their way to Adare Manor to meet with the Bhunaidh, a group of pure blooded holders who Ciaran Shea was a member of. However, they are not the only one looking for Ciaran and they have to be careful who they trust and wary of spies.

I was slightly disappointed with The Seers. I really enjoyed The Holders and I was really excited to start this, but it just didn’t capture my attention as much. I did still enjoy it though. Julianna Scott is a talented writer, especially when developing this magical world. She really did write the Bhunaidh really well, and all their customs and beliefs. I liked that The Seers focused on this aristocratic groups traditions and their views of the bond and those who are not pure-blooded. I did also enjoy the mystery that surrounded Ciaran and his connection with Darragh.

What really let The Seers down for me was Becca. I understand that she wanted to be of some use, and of course she would have been due to how powerful she is. However, when she got told to do something, for the good of the investigation, such as not spying on Bastian. She was told not to tell anyone of their investigation, yet she told the first person she found who didn’t seem like an elite snob, who was practically a complete stranger. That could have came back to bite her on the ass, but luckily it was for the best. She would stamp her feet and act like a child when she didn’t get what she wanted and I just didn’t like that. It is like she was determined to get them into trouble and ruin the investigation. She should have listened to her father more. I did eventually see some character development, but only in the last few chapters, when she finally worked out that shouting at everyone gets her nowhere.

The other characters, such as Chloe, Cormac, Alex, Jocelyn, Bastian and Stephen were nice little additions to the story. I really did enjoy Alex and Becca’s relationship and the development of that relationship. I also enjoyed Becca’s and Bastian’s friendship, and there was plently of opportunities to turn it into a love traingle, but Scott took it in a new direction which was refreshing, and a direction you don’t see often enough in books, especially Young Adult.

The plot was well-paced. Not too fast and not too slow. If you enjoyed The Holders then I do suggest you give The Seers ago. If you enjoy fantasy then I do recommend that you pick this series up.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆


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