Teardrop by Lauren Kate (Review)


“The last thing we expect others to do, its the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them.”

Teardrop tells the story of Eureka who loses her mother in a freak accident, by a ‘rogue wave’. Eureka finds is difficult to adjust to life without her mother, which leads to her attempting suicide. When Eureka gains her inheritance from her mother, she’s left confused, but soon they help her uncover a tale of heartbreak and an ancient civilization that seems all the more relevant.

My expectations were not all that high when I started Teardropdespite enjoying Lauren Kate’s previous series, Fallen. I was not disappointed, I found it rather average, though one thing I really enjoyed was the unique plot of the book. I thought it developed nicely and at a decent pace, though at times I found myself thinking, ‘Just figure it out already!’.

As for the characters, I found Eureka an OK one. There were times when she annoyed me, but on the whole I found her a decent, well-developed character. Ander, however, was boring. We found out barely anything about him. The relationship between Ander and Eureka could have been done great, but it feel flat. It was unbelievably unrealistic. She met him three times, he stalked her and yet, despite knowing him, she was completely head over heels, and they spent a whole chapter making out. I knew from the beginning it was not a romance I was going to enjoy – it mentioned the L word in the first chapter. I enjoyed Eureka’s relationship with Brooks much more (the less evil Brooks, though).

I also found the end a little disappointing. I would recommend to fans of Lauren Kate.

RATING: ★★★☆☆/Actually 3.5


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