Knife Edge (Noughts & Crosses #2) by Malorie Blackman (Review)


“When did we stop being people, being human?”

Possible spoilers ahead if you have not read Noughts & Crosses

Knife Edge takes place after the events of Noughts & Crosses. Sephy has just given birth, but is estranged from her mother, sister, and most of all, her father. She is coping with the guilt and the grief of losing her beloved, Callum. Jude is on the run, believing himself to be in danger from the Crosses, but also from the trailer in the militia. Jude is bitter and hateful towards Crosses, but most importantly, towards Sephy. He blames Sephy and her father for the death of his brother Callum.

I really loved Noughts & Crosses, but this fell slightly short of my expectations and I really didn’t enjoy it as much. I liked to see Sephy after Callum, and I was looking forward to see how she coped with Callie Rose on her own. It was obvious that she was going to suffer from postnatal depression, due to the guilt of picking her baby over Callum, and you see the impact and effect that has on Sephy in this book. I enjoyed reading her development with Meggie. I also enjoyed her mending of her relationship with her mother, and her conflict with her sister. I liked Sephy’s fierceness in her ambition to treat everyone as equals, and to have the band all walk through the same door, it was very admirable. Jude, however, I really disliked. Half of this book is also written in his perspective as well. I thought there may be some redemption but he tipped that on it’s head. I just really couldn’t stand reading from his point of view, hence the lower rating than I gave the last one.

The plot wasn’t very suspenseful, it did bore me in some places, but overall, it was a reasonable pace. I enjoyed the little snippets of the news articles and I thought that was a nice little edition. If you were a fan of Noughts & Crosses then I do highly suggest you give this one a go.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆


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