Wake by Anna Hope (Review)


I received this free from the publisher via NetGalley

1 Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep
2 Ritual for the dead
3 Consequence or aftermath

Wake tells the story of three different women after World War One. Hettie, who dances at the Hammersmith Palais; Evelyn, who works at the pensions office, and Ada – a housewife – who has visions of her dead son. All these women have lost someone during the war, be it a son, a brother or a lover. One day a young man knocks on Ada’s door and says the name which has haunted her. He has a story which will bind these women’s lives unknowingly and which will mend their hearts.

This is a lovely novel which shows how many people suffered during the war, even those who were not at the front line. I found all three women likeable and interesting characters. However it was Evelyn who really captured my attention. She was very secretive and bitter, yet I wasn’t sure why. The other two character were open about their loss. Ada had lost her son, and Hettie had lost her brother, not by death but he came back different. Perhaps shell shock? We didn’t find out who Evelyn had lost until later. Evelyn was such a complex and compelling character and was by far my favourite. Hettie was my second favourite character. I liked her passion for dancing and her desire for something more. Ada was a character which I felt the most sorrow for. She didn’t know how or even where her son had died and she held a large amount of guilt. I really did admire all three women and their courage and strength. I loved the character development in the novel and I was glad that everyone managed to move on and search for the happy life which they deserved and which their loved ones would have wanted. I also found Ed and Rowan compelling characters, and the stories which they had.

It wasn’t an action filled novel, and it wasn’t very suspenseful but it kept me entertained and captivated. One aspect which I didn’t really understand why it was there and didn’t really catch my attention was the unknown soldier. I didn’t seem to have much to do with the main characters. Towards the end though I guess it did help with the story.

Overall, it is a pretty good read, and if you are fan of historical fiction, and WWI fiction then I do suggest you give Wake a read.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆


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