Phoenix Island by John Dixon (Review)


I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley

Phoenix Island tells the story of a boot camp where troubled children get sent instead of prison. It gives them another chance. However, Carl learns that the Camp has more secrets than it seems. Carl ends up at Phoenix Island when he jumps in to defend a stranger against bullies – again. When Carl is sent to the Camp, he is determined to keep his head down and tough it out. However, when kids start to die, Carl has no option but to intervene.

I really did enjoy Phoenix Island. It was very well written and it flowed very nicely. It was very fast paced and action packed which kept you engrossed and captivated right from the start. I really loved Carl. I loved how complex his character was. He had a very well thought out and interesting background and he was far from perfect, which makes him so interesting. I really loved the Carl’s character development throughout the story. It was nice to see him overcome his struggles. The training was very detailed and John Dixon didn’t try to hide how gruesome it was.

I enjoyed the secondary characters, however, I would of liked to have seen more of them and see more of the developments. John Dixon did create a setting which was original and compelling and one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book. Phoenix Island is a story about discovery, loss, sacrifice and bravery. I thoroughly recommend that you pick up a copy!

MY RATING: ★★★★☆


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