The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard (Review)


I received this from the publishers via NetGally

The Almost Girl follows the story of Riven, the best General that Neospes has seen in a long time. She is the right hand of the Prince of Neospes, who asks her to find his long last brother, Caden, while he is on his death bed. Caden happens to be on earth, a parallel universe and Riven finds herself in uncharted territory. Riven discovers more than she ever expected to about her and her past, as well as betrayals from those the thought she could trust.

I really did enjoy The Almost Girl. It did take me a fair bit to fully get engrossed into the story. Riven is a great protagonist. She is brave, snarky and full of surprises. She can be ice cold at times, but her vulnerability does show itself on occasion, which I really loved. Caden was also a character I enjoyed, but I did feel like there was something missing, but I’m really unsure of what it was. To be honest, I actually liked Cale character, even though we only really saw him at the end, but I would have liked more explanation for his sudden change of behaviour. I thought the sisterly relationship between Riven and Shae was very realistic. Despite their differences, and their dislike for each other they still loved each other because they were sisters. That was an element which I really enjoyed.

I did like the romance as well. I was happy it was not the focus of the story. There was some good development and some nice chemistry between the two characters. There was also some denial on Riven’s part which made it all that much enjoyable and realistic and a great addition to the story.

There was some good world building, but I would have liked to have seen more of Neospes and maybe more of the political system or the culture of the city. The Almost Girl was action packed and suspenseful. So if you are looking for a good science fiction to read then I would highly suggest you give The Almost Girl a go!

RATING: ★★★★☆

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