Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (Review)


“I played a role. That is what actors do. But I played it too well. I went too far. And by the time I wanted to stop, to take a bow and leave the stage, it was too late.” 

I’m not entirely sure what I expected from this…but HOLY MOLY IT WAS FANTASTIC. One of the best books I have read this year.

Revolution follows the lives of Andi from Brooklyn, who suffers over the loss of her brother, finds the diary of Alex from 18th Century France. Andi finds herself relating to Alex who becomes attached to Louis-Charles, who reminds Andi of her brother Truman. However, the story doesn’t focus on just Andi and Alex, but Amade and Louis-Charles and Virgil and I fell in love with every single character and formed a rather strong attachment myself.

I found Andi relatable, genuine, lonely, strong, stubborn, passionate and so many other likeable qualities. She was incredibly well developed, and her acceptance of the death of her brother becomes evident as the story progresses. I did find myself more engrossed with Alexandrine’s life and her love and devotion to Louis-Charles and her struggle through the revolution, but also her passion for performing, just like Andi’s passion for music. I really loved the relationship between Alex and Louis-Charles and the lengths that Alex went to try to save him, so much so that I found myself wiping away tears. Another character I really loved was Amade, and I really enjoyed him and Andi’s relationship. It was really clever for Andi to (seemingly) travel back in time and finish what Alex started. But you are left wondering, did it happen?

The plot was so intriguing and I felt myself captivated from the start. There were so many things I wanted to know from Alex’s diary entries. Did he survive? Did you survive?

This book is about love and loss and sacrifice.

Fantastic writing, fantastic pace and fantastic characters and I just loved everything.

Fan of historical fiction? Fan of contemporary? Fan of emotional filled traumatic books? Read this.

RATING: ★★★★★

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