1816 Candles by Amanda Brice (Review)


I received a free copy via NetGalley.

Lauren Harper is sent back in time to early Virginia after an encounter with a ghost during a ball at a historic tavern. While there Lauren experiences the events of The Legend of the Female Stranger. Lauren must find a way back home without dying in the process or falling in love.

Ok, so 1816 Candles is a novella which acts as an introduction to the Time After Time series. 1816 Candles had a really good plot. However I felt like there was very little depth or development, even for a novella. I did enjoy Lauren, but again, little development. Everything seemed very rushed, with little explanation that I found myself getting confused quite often. The romance was barely developed and there wasn’t anything there and I didn’t know anything about him or even the relationship to be honest. There was a lot of opportunity here to delve into the legend even further and to develop the plot even more. If that was done, I have a feeling I would have really enjoyed 1816 Candles. I may look into the next in the series. Hopefully it will be better, perhaps if it a book rather than a novella.

RATING: ★★☆☆☆


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