The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd (Review)


“I rested my forehead against the wall and closed my eyes. It wasn’t just my curiosity, or my fascination with anatomy, or how I could unhesitatingly chop a rabbit’s head off with an ax when a roomful of boys couldn’t. Those things were all symptoms of the same sickness – a kind of madness inherited from my father. It was a dangerous pull in my gut drawing me toward the dark possibilities of science, toward the thin line between life and death, toward the animal impulses hidden behind a corset and a smile.” 

The Madman’s Daughter follows the story of Juliet who now lives alone in Victorian London after her father abandoned her and her mother died. Juliet then runs into an old family friend who knows where her father is. Where he ran to after the scandal. Juliet is determined to find out if the rumours are true and finds herself travelling to a secluded island on the other side of the world. There Juliet discovers the horrifying truth about her father and his grotesque experiments.

I really loved The Madman’s Daughter. It was a very haunting read which I highly recommend to horror and Gothic novels.The Madman’s Daughter was captivating from the start, the middle dragged slightly, but it made up for it later with that suspenseful ending! I really loved Juliet as a character (If we are ignoring the romance aspect) as she is smart and a truly strong heroine. She felt the madness in her blood and she was intrigued by her fathers work. Yet she knew it was wrong and she stepped up and put an end to it, and therefore a very strong character who has flaws and questions everything. Which is a trait I highly admire. Doctor Henri Moreau was a character I enjoyed, yet hated. He was a very intriguing character to read about. I liked Montgomery as well, and I was indifferent about Edward.

One thing which I didn’t particularly like was the love triangle. I really don’t like them. But Megan Shepherd had a nice little twist on the love triangle. So, I wasn’t a massive fan of the love triangle, and the story didn’t really need it, but it didn’t stop me enjoying the The Madman’s Daughter any less. Wow. That ending. It was full of many twists and turns which I tried so hard to guess, believe me I did, but I couldn’t figure out who the monster was. So it was a great surprise.

The Madman’s Daughter was full of suspense, intrigue, secrets and many horrific and creepy moments. So if you are looking for a chilling read then I highly suggest this.

RATING: ★★★★★


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