Adamant by Kieran Wisser (Review)


“Her only regret was that she hadn’t returned her library books.” (That was my favourite line.)

I enjoyed this and I think it’s a very promising debut novel for Kieran Wisser, and I am really hopeful for her next books!

Adamant is about a girl, Kate, who doesn’t realise just how special she really is until teenagers start to go missing in her town and a really creepy guy and a really not so creepy guy shows an interest in her. West (the not so creepy guy) becomes a friend and they help each other to fight a whole lot of bad guys (but specifically the creepy guy).

I’ll start with the positives. Wisser has a really nice writing style that’s really easy to read and it flows well. Her plot was well developed and original and is a must-read for those who enjoy Greek Mythology (and Wisser definitely did her research).

I really enjoyed the characters, particularly Kate who was incredibly well written and well developed, and was funny, and pretty darn sassy. She was determined, independent, strong-willed and sort of badass. Whilst some of the other characters were not as developed as I may have liked, for example some of the Gods, maybe Claire a bit, but they were still fantastic characters that went well with Kate.

The reason I’m giving this 3.5 stars instead of 4 was because it lost me a tad in the middle, but it picked up quickly towards the end. There were also a few spelling mistakes I noticed, but it’s bound to happen with a self-published author.

Other than that, this was an enjoyable, easy read that I recommend.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (Actually 3.5)



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