Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck (Review)


“What is real and what is not is for your heart to decide and for your heart to know.” 

The Tiger’s Curse is a story about Kelsey Hayes. Kelsey meets a mysterious white tiger named Ren who seems to listen to her when she talks. Kelsey is then given an opportunity to go halfway around the world in order to get this tiger home. However, she soon comes face-to-face with a 300 year old curse. Kelsey risks her life to help break the curse and free Ren.

I’ll start with the positives of this book. I really enjoyed the plot and the mythology aspect of the book, it was very well explained and I personally found it very fascinating. The plot, however, did lose me in the middle and I felt like I had to force myself to read on, but it did pick up towards the end.

I say this on more than one of my reviews. I really hate love triangles. This is one of the reasons why I really did not like the romance. I just don’t understand why an author feels the need to have two boys fighting over one girls affections. It suggests that she has to fall for them both and then pick. So the romance was a big let down. There was some good chemistry between Kelsey and Ren, however, the way she treated him was not good. She felt like she wasn’t good enough for him so she treated him horribly, yet said he deserved it? She just seemed very confused about her feelings, but refused to face them. Also, Ren was way too possessive of Kelsey and way too clingy as he wanted to touch her every 2 minutes. Seriously? Just stop. Kelsey was also a character I disliked as she acted like a spoilt brat when she didn’t get what she wanted. However, she did have some good qualities but overall the characters felt very plain and there was just something missing. Therefore, I felt like perhaps there was a lack of character development.

Overall, the first half of the book, before I felt the love triangle coming on and before all of the romance, I was enjoying it. Therefore I am going to give this 3 stars, as its a decent read as the plot and the mythology is very intriguing.

RATING: ★★★☆☆


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