Scarlet by A.C Gaughen


“We do what we do because there’s something we can do about it. Things like ‘how long’ and ‘what if’ aren’t part of that. It’s about the hope, not the horror.” 

Scarlet tells the story of one of Robin Hood’s merry men. Except Scarlet is no man at all – but a woman. Scarlet has a past, a past which she wishes to hide from and therefore she keeps her identity hidden from the rest of Nottinghamshire. Scarlet, along with Robin, are determined to help the people of Nottingham against the Sheriff. However, Scarlet is playing a dangerous game as her identity is put at risk and Gisbourne is closing in.

I really enjoyed the twist on the tale of Robin Hood with Will Scarlet being a female, and a strong independent female at that! Scarlet was a character I really loved as she was just as strong and brave as the rest of Robin’s band, especially when putting her life on the line to save and help her people. Robin was a character that I had to grow to love, you can tell he feels for his people and wishes to help, and is hurt that his land was taken from him. But at first, Robin was a little dull and flat, but I did grow to love him and his compassion and bravery. Much was also a character I liked, but I wish I could have got more to see of him as the story mainly focused around Scar, John and Robin. The plot was good and fast paced and kept me wanting more. One thing which I really disliked was the love triangle *eye roll*. I am not a fan of love triangles, and thank god this love triangle was not too focused on, but I do hope that it is not carried on throughout the next book. The plot twist was good, but it was a little predictable, I mean why else would Gisbourne be so obsessed with Scarlet.

I felt there wasn’t a huge amount of character development, and this was an aspect which probably could have been explored more, but hopefully it is something which will be explored in the next book. So, overall, it was a pretty decent read.

Scarlet is a story about honesty, loyalty, hope and bravery and I would recommend it, especially to those who like the Robin Hood legend.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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