The Holders (Holders, #1) by Julianna Scott (Review)

I recieved a free copy from Angry Robot Publishing via NetGalley

The Holders is about a 17 year old girl called Becca. Becca has spent her whole life protecting her little brother Ryland. Ryland hears voices. But Becca doesn’t believe that he is crazy. Unlike those who wish to take him away, but Becca will do anything to stop that happening. So when an offer from a special school comes along, Becca believes they just want to lock him up. However, St. Brigids is a school for people like Ryland. For Holders. Becca allows her brother to go, but only on one condition – that she goes aswell.

So, I will start by saying that I was very pleasantly suprised by The Holders and the magical world which Julianna Scott has created. Julianna Scott isn’t one of those authors who just tells you, but she is one who shows you, allows you to delve into the world, and experience it. The characters is also another element which I really enjoyed. Becca is a good, well rounded, dynamic character. She is protective, stubborn and smart and very likeable. I liked how Julianna Scott portrayed Becca’s attraction to Alex, as she wasn’t immune to his good looks and charms, but she had her priorities right, and wasn’t one of those whiny girls chasing after her man. Alex is also another likeable character, as he is sweet and caring and his vulnerability is emotions – which I find adorable, and romantic. These two characters had great chemistry and I really loved their relationship, as it wasn’t too rushed. Especially as due to the reason why they have such a connection, (I’m really trying not to spoil anything), a lot of YA books would have had instant love and an instant relationship. I’m glad Julianna Scott didn’t take this route as it was nice to see the relationship develop.

I really adored many of the secondry characters, as they were an entertaining bunch, especially Mr Anderson and Mr Reid. Jocelyn is a very intriguing character and I can’t wait to hear more about his past. The plot is somewhat predictatble. To be honest, I was pretty suprised by one of the twists and it did keep me guessing, but the majority of the plot was predictable. However, that didn’t make it any less enjoyable to read. The pace was good, I slowed down a little bit in the middle, but I never once felt myself getting bored.

Overall, I think those fantasy lovers and hopeless romantics should definitely give this one a go!

RATING: ★★★★☆


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