Slated by Teri Terry (Review)


“Use the fear; feed the anger.” 

Kyla Davis has been what they call ‘Slated’ – her memories erased, a clean slate. Kyla has forgotten who she was and why she was Slated. She is sent to live with people who she is told to call Mum and Dad. Being Slated is like a second chance, and those Slated have to fulfil a contract or they risk being returned. But Kyla is different as she thinks and asks things she shouldn’t.

Kyla is an original narrator as she was like a child in some aspects, yet an adult in others, and she didn’t know anything about herself – about her personality, fears or hopes. Kyla’s life is masked in mystery, yet she is very willful in her quest for answers, yet cautious as she is aware she needs to keep her head down and follow the rules. Dr Lysander was a character which intrigued me a fair amount, and hopefully her character will be explored more in the sequel. Other characters, such as Phoebe had more to them than meets the eye and they were written really well. I didn’t really enjoy the romance between Ben and Kyla as it seemed rushed and forced and, personally, I didn’t see any chemistry between the two. Fortunately the romance wasn’t at the forefront of the story. Although I am curious as to where she takes it in the next book.

The idea behind the Levo was very interesting, and it was a great addition to the world building which is needed in dystopia’s. At times, the pace was slow, yet I didn’t find it boring. I was slightly disappointed with the ending as there wasn’t as many answers to questions as I would have wished, and to me it just seemed to introduce more questions.

I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and is a fan of dystopia.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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