Wake by Amanda Hocking (Review)


Three girls show up for the summer, they’re gorgeous and have caught everyone’s attention. They, however, focus their attention on Gemma – they’ve chosen her to replace the one they lost. Her life changes when she’s out for a late night swim and she’s asked to join the girls for a drink. She develops new ‘powers’, but these come with a dangerous price, and she has a choice to make.

I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did, I don’t know why, maybe because some of the reviews I read weren’t that positive. But I had heard so many great things about Amanda Hocking and the book was cheap on kindle, so I though there was no harm in getting it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s told from two POV’s, Gemma and Harpers, and you see their sisterly relationship from each of them, and it’s very realistic and feels genuine. Gemma is a typical younger sister, being very carefree and a tad rebellious. Harper, however, has had to take the role of the mother in the household after they lost theirs. She’s much more mature than Gemma and feels a responsibility and protectiveness over her. Harper was by far my favourite, and at times Gemma did annoy me.

Both girls also have their own love interests that both fit well with their personalities. There’s the seemingly bad boy Daniel for good girl Harper, and then there’s sweet Alex for Gemma. I also thought the daughter/father bond was realistic, and thought Hocking captured the relationship well. However, I thought that maybe the characters lacked depth, but I’m hoping Hocking makes up for it in the other books.

I also thought it was an interesting take on the siren myth and that it was explained well, and despite their appearance, they were very deadly. It was surprising, the danger they posed, and how they survived, a very original take on sirens.

The pace was quick and the writing was good, with fantastic world-building, and so I found it pretty easy to read.

I saw the next book, Lullaby, in the airport and would have bought it but it was ridiculously overpriced – like £12 (That’s a lot for a book.) 

RATING: ★★★★☆

Also, I really love the cover.

It was a great and easy read and I highly recommend.


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