Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (Review)


“Your lies didn’t stop me loving you; your truth hasn’t stopped me either.” 

Seraphina takes place in the kingdom of Goredd in a time nearing the anniversary of the treaty. The treaty was to end war and create peace between the dragons and the humans, but it has done little to ease the mistrust of dragons who can take human form. As the anniversary nears tensions between humans and dragons are increasing. Seraphina is a gifted musician, who has joined the royal court after a member is killed and she is dragged into the investigation. Seraphina has a secret which, if uncovered, could end her life.

The beginning of Seraphina was a bit slow and I was worried I wasn’t going to get into the story and it didn’t really drag me in. But all is forgiven because after I got about 100 or so pages in, I was truly captivated and I read the rest in one sitting. Serpahina is quite a meaty and heavy book, and not an easy or light read, as it is about politics, religion, prejudice, love and acceptance. For a high fantasy book world building is vital and Hartman did it perfectly, as it felt like I was walking the through the streets in the city, and was one of the reasons why I loved this book so much.

I was really fond of practically all the characters as they were all important to the story and each had their own personalities and were so multi-dimensional. I really loved Seraphina right from the start as she was brave, intelligent, and she had such strong beliefs and was no damsel in distress. I really loved her relationship with those around her, with her love of her dragon uncle Orma (despite the fact that he seemed feel nothing towards her), and her growing friendship with Glisselda and her growing romance with Lucian. It was all written perfectly.

I really loved the dragon element in the book, who could take human form, and kept strong control over their emotions by meditating. I loved the concept of Seraphina’s garden and how she had so much control over her mind. This is a must read for high fantasy lovers!

RATING: ★★★★★


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