Hush: A Lakeview Novel by Stacey R. Campbell (Review)


I received a free copy from Gemelli Press LLC via NetGally for an honest review.

Some spoilers below:

Hush is basically a YA romance novel with a little bit of mystery thrown in. Hush tells the story of a girl who is adopted, and has given up hope on finding out who her biological parents. Blakely is unaware that she may be a princess and a English boy comes to her school to investigate. This is how their relationship starts.

The relationship lacked origininality. The relationship between Blakely and Max is cute and like any other YA romance novel, except for the fact that Blakely may be a princess. However, I liked the fact that the relationship wasn’t too rushed, as it took place over a few months and this made their relationship more realistic. I did enjoy the characters, I loved Blakely’s personality as well as Max’s. The secondary characters was also a nice refreshing element as they all had many different personalities which added to the story. There was a couple of nice twists and turns, some were predictable, but it was still nice to read. The writing is simple, but it works and flows quite well which made for a quick and easy read. One main disappointment which I had with Hush was Blakely’s reaction to being told the truth. Surely if you found out that you are a princess and are about to become queen you wouldn’t take it so easily, or be most upset about being lied to. So her reaction was a bit of a letdown. This makes it feel like there is a lack of character development. I think the story had a lot of potential and could have gone it a different direction, such as focusing on the mystery and the death of the royal family a bit more rather than just the romance aspect. But I believe Stacey Campbell has a lot of potential for the upcoming books.

RATING: ★★★☆☆


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