Existence (Existence Trilogy #1) by Abbi Glines (Review)


“You proved to be worthy of my devotion. Of Death’s…love”

Existence is about a girl called Pagan, who has seen ghosts or ‘souls’ her entire life. She has spent many years of her life ignoring them so that they ignore her. However one day she notices a boy, with an amused grin on her face watching her. The only problem is that he is dead and he doesn’t ignore her. He is death and he is coming to collect her. And she is falling in love with him.

So, I will start this off by saying that I did genuinely kind of like this, despite many criticisms which I have. Firstly, I did read this in one whole, I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that on kindle it only had 181 pages, which I found extremely short. The pace, however, was OK. One main criticism I have with this book is that it all seemed extremely rushed and aspects of this book were not explained as much as I would have wished. The relationship and feelings shared between Pagan and Dank seemed to come out of no where, however, despite that I did enjoy their relationship to a certain extent, but there is a quote which I really dislike. It goes something like “You’re mine now. While you walk the Earth you belong to me.” I dislike this quote as it is portraying Pagan like a piece of property which he now owns because he loves her. No.

I also felt like the paranormal aspect to this book wasn’t that well explained and Pagan didn’t demand answers, which I would of expected if she had been seeing ghost or ‘souls’ her entire life. I did enjoy the concept of the book I just would have loved to have seen more of it and it have more depth. So, why don’t you show me not just tell me? I enjoyed the secondary characters, such as Miranda, Wyatt and Leif. However, again I felt like they lacked depth and development and I would have liked to have seen more of them. The writing in this book isn’t anything special, and I felt like it lacked description and it could have been improved. However, it still read quite smoothly.

Pagan was a character which really annoyed me, she didn’t demand questions, she used Leif and stayed with him despite questioning her feelings for him and falling for Dank, and she never confided in her best friend. It’s understandable she didn’t want her friends knowing she saw dead people, but other aspects of her life she could of told her friend instead of going to a mental institute to please her mum.
Despite these criticisms I did enjoy this book, probably due to the interesting concept and it was an easy and quick read.
I would recommend if you enjoy romance with a slight supernatural aspect to it

RATING: ★★★☆☆

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